Erwin Galan - Actor
Trained in NYC/ Seattle, he was directed by the Russian Leonid Anisimov in The Cherry Orchard, Seagull, and Uncle Vanya.  He has performed in a dozen local plays, including Gregory Award-winning The Adding Machine.  His feature film credits include SIFF's Late Autumn; Down for the Count, Break, and Shadowed, which won "Audience Favorite" at the Tacoma Film Festival.  He appeared in The Divine Marigolds and is currently filming The Painted Mara.  He is humbled by the commitment and creativity of Seattle artists, who, despite the austerity of their material lives, make impacting works of art.

Tabitha Bastien - Actress

 Tabitha is an actress and musician originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for performing started at a very young age with lead roles in various school and community productions. Acting led to modeling and then music, which became her primary creative outlet through college; but after several years fronting the band, Crush Uncrush, she began to feel the familiar call back to the dramatic stage. Equal parts stage actress and film, Tabitha recently performed in the theater adaptation of M*A*S*H and has been in several local indie films and web series within the past year, including the horror/scifi web series "Phoenix Run" and the short film "Tragically Oliver." She wrapped three feature films during 2012 playing principal roles in the horror film "The Anniversary," the comedy mockumentary "50 Days for Quaid" and the feature thriller/horror film "Witching Hour" where she was cast as the lead role. Outside of the entertainment world, Tabitha is an extremely proud vegan and animal rights activist. She is a huge horror movie fan and is mesmerized by David Lynch films and all that is dark.and beautiful.

Nathan McWalters - Actor

After serving in the U.S. Army for 6 years on active duty completing 3 Combat Deployments, Nathan McWalters met Rick Walters in his newly assigned U.S. Army Reserve unit in which he served 3 years training college students who were soon-to-be Officers. After several conversations with Rick about the film industry and how involved he was in the local area, Nathan began to show interest. Rick provided the opportunity for Nathan to audition for a part in the upcoming film, "The Resolution". Nathan just wanting to be able to at the very least scratch this off his "Bucket List", was afforded a supporting role! Nathan now looks forward to turning his dream of acting into more of a reality. Nathan is married to Corena McWalters and they are expecting their 1st child this fall


Andi Norris - Actress

 Andi Norris is emerging from the mists of a dark, murky history as an actor/dancer, turned Disney performer, turned massage therapist, turned personal trainer, turned graphic/web designer, turned aerial acrobat. She has come to terms with her addiction to learning and compulsion toward constant improvement, and has turned that into a superpower of helping others find and launch their own dream projects. Andi hails from the wine-soaked valleys of Napa, schooled in sun-soaked Southern California, now resides in soggy Seattle. She has returned to acting after finding and refining a number of other skills, and she has met with tremendous success here, including her roles in the upcoming feature Sader Ridge, and the horror film Resolution.

 Rick Tobin - Writer

 Love to be scared? Love to be on the edge of your seat? Miss the good old fashioned thrillers of days gone by? So did I, so I set out to create some of the most exciting, terrifying stories the world has ever seen.

My name is Rick Tobin, and ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with all things horror. My idols were writers whose stories not only terrified you, but subtly messed with your mind - like Halloween, Jaws, The Thing. Tales From the Crypt was a huge influence on my writing style. I love to add a twist you don't see coming.

My goal is to bring back the kind of movie that keeps people talking, and returning to the theaters to be scared again and again.

Interrogation - 2nd Place - 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival; 2nd Place - 2007 Terror Film Festival
New Year's Eve - 2nd Place - 2008 Terror Film Festival

Interrogation - recently filmed in Boston to be part of the horror anthology The Witching Hour (starring Tony Todd, Michael Madsen)
Death Certificates - Optioned by David Zuckerman/Virtual Pitch Fest
The Tower - commissioned to write first draft for Daniel Baur/K5 Films (later renamed Steel Trap)

“Rick was a pleasure to work with, and I was very pleased with the first draft of The Tower he turned in on such short notice. He brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the project,” Daniel Baur, K5 Films.

Rick Walters - Director

 A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, Rick is also a veteran of the stage and screen. Getting his start on the humble stage of the Garfield Auditorium, in the sleepy town of Camas Washington, Rick has since moved on to the silver screen in the Seattle Independant Film community.

Rick brings his experience to the industry from his time spent in the Clark College Theater program, numerus film and commercial projects, and 12 years in the US Army, which included a year long tour in Iraq as an Infantryman. Currently he is serving full time as an Operations Sergeant on Joint Base Lewis McCord. Drawing from these skills, he is successful both in front of and behind the camera. Recent work as a producerincludes the short, Night Shade, as well as the feature length film Fantastic Confabulations, currently in post production.  Rick's first short screenplay "Scamp" is also in the festival circuit which he wrote and co-stars with his 11 year old son Race.  He can be seen in season four, episode 9 of TNT's "Leverage" as "Wood's". 

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